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August 26, 2008


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jason salamun

first of all, it sounds like your daughter is as sneaky as mine. I hate clowns and every night she puts a clown drawing on my bed to freak me out.

your post is so true. sin does have a snowball effect. your post is making me pause to examine my own life.

thanks for the good word.


I moved my blog over to another host - the address is JayHardwick.com - you may need to update your feed subscription:


go to the new blog or click the link above to update your feed or to subscribe via email.

typepad shut down my account before i could get a post up telling everyone how to move over and update feeds. sorry!

thanks for reading!


210 Leadership Blog

Dooooooood !!!!

That is such a timely word Jay. Excellent post.

We have to be so vigilant. I love what my old college professor once said: "Just like a woman examines her body for lumps, so the Child of God must examine themselves to check for those little seeds in our lives, that WILL GROW in time, and bring our ultimate destruction."

That's why need the word of God daily. To help us examine ourselves under the glorious light of God's word.

Nicely done brother.

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