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July 22, 2008


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Jesse Phillips

good stuff, Jay. Excited about what you're doing in Columbia, where do I send a check?

Patrick Holden

Hey man. I actually just re-read Spiritual Leadership last month. It was the first time I'd read it since 9th grade. You remember? You gave it to me and then met with me each week to talk about a chapter. That really made a big impact on me. Thanks again for investing in me Jay.

(Oh... and by the way. I'm doing the same thing with some of our student leaders in the middle school ministry I'm working with.)

Thanks again for all you did.


Hold the HECK up... I never knew you're a worship leader!!!!! No wonder we hit it off so well! ;-) I've only led once in about 3 months or so... so I sat at a piano for 2 hours a couple of nights ago, and just led the angels in singing some Hillsong and Crowder... and a couple of D PLUM originals, too! ;-)


p.s. My stuff sounds old school, though... like Tommy Walker or something! LOL!

jay hardwick

Jesse :: You're the man!

Patrick :: Of course I remember our crack of dawn meetings at McDonald's! Great times! Thanks for your kind words...and thanks for having a hunger for God as a 9th grader that stretched me like crazy. No surprise that God is using you like He is these days to invest in students! Thanks for commenting and letting me know a little of what you're up to.

D-PLUM :: Who do you not hit it off with? :-) Me leading worship is just proof that anyone who can play G, C, D, E, A, and Bm and who owns a capo can play/lead worship tunes! :-)


Too many things claiming your time... back up... slow down... listen...then the words will come!!!
Love you Jay!!!
Mama H.


let's get lunch. let's hang out. GO.

Terrace Crawford

Jay, sounds like a lot of exciting things going on with you. By the way, I had a prayer meeting with Tally Wilgis the other day. He told me to contact you and tell you to hire me! :-)



Its been awhile! Would love to hook up soon. By the way Go Dawgs!


jay hardwick

Mama H :: Thanks!

Luda :: I'm in. Ruth's Chris sounds good. :-)

TC :: Why don't you AND Tally come on down to the Capital City!

Scott :: It has been a while. I thought you were in China or something...seriously. Let's talk soon. I'm ignoring your last statement...

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