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July 02, 2008


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Lee Webb

Very nice.

Rob Edwards

What do you get when you cross Reggie McNeal with Henry Blackaby?


give up?

Jay Hardwick!

Dave Lewis


You just told my story in this post.Same scenario.God has called me back to the same neighborhood where I was born and raised; the very streets God rescued me from. I knew for a long time that God was telling me togo back there. Now we are here, and like you we had to learn to listen to the people and the culture. Now, 2+ years into this and some amazing things are unfolding; things I would never have seen back in the winter of 2006.

Thanks for a great post. Keep up the great work in Columbia and keep inspiring me to press on in my own harvest field

Cookie Cawthon


Chris and I are beyond excited about what God is doing in Cola through you, and we are thanking Him in advance for those who will walk in light as a result of your ministry! Way too cool...


Jay -
Once again, you blow me away!! I just cannot get over the work that God is doing in and through you, and the fact that it seems eerily similar to what God is calling us to do right here in Flo-town. Thank you for sharing your vision. Thank you for taking time to talk with/counsel Chris and me when we need it. Thank you for being you!!!

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