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July 07, 2008


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AMEN!! God, break our hearts for those far from you, and give us the courage to do whatever it takes, whatever that may look like, to bring them into a relationship with you. Awesome post, Jay!!

jason salamun

simply awesome. that's my prayer too.

mike p

Great word, Jay. I'm with you - if it's a style your looking for you're in the "please me" mode. When God breaks our heart for what breaks His, then we worry less about our own needs and preferences.

Glad you're hearing His voice...

Jim Henry

So powerful Jay...I'm continuing to pray for you and all that God has in store!

jay hardwick

Susanne...sounds like that's already happening for you guys in Flo-town! I am SO CONFIDENT in God's work in Chris and you...can't wait to see what's next!

Jason...I'm more convinced everyday that we are related! You're the man!

Mike...great word! Thanks for sharing that nugget.

Jim...thank you for your prayers! Seriously, it means more than you know to know that people like you are praying for Columbia and the work God has called us to do here. Thanks for your important work in Bloomington!

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