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July 11, 2008


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Jesse Phillips

Jay, Would LOVE to know what those processes are that you refer to in #4! Can you do a blog post on that? Heck, I would love an article on why transformed people are necessary for Christianity's Credibility!

jay hardwick

Both will happen, Jesse, I promise! Gotta clean up the process stuff and let it ruminate a little more...gotta think through assessment, evaluation, etc. a little more. It's very much built for where we are...our context. Might not translate everywhere, but we'll see.

The article for the Catalyst site iis running in that exact direction...

Love your enthusiasm, Jesse, and your encouragement means a ton!


i'm incredibly impressed. i want a full set list and details. jay hardwick the worship leader...it has a nice ring to it.

Terrace Crawford

You play the guitar too... workin the mad skillz bro. Hope all is well for you. Just thought I'd say hello.

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