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June 04, 2008


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chris surratt

Dude, I will never doubt that you were called to move to Columbia. :)

Terrace Crawford


Cliff Marshall

Don't be such a wimp Jay! It's not even officially hot in the capitol city until the heat index reaches 125!


I'll take 100 in the summer over 0 in the winter!!!

jay hardwick

chris :: if you need more reasons not to doubt my call, i can give them to you...:-)

terrace :: you know you want to move back to cola-town! don't hide behind your sarcasm...:-)

cliff :: this is my first summer back in cola-town in about 12 years, so give me a few weeks to adjust!

mac :: i'm with you on that one for sure! nice to have some of you "northerners" around to remind us what the opposite of insane heat is...insane cold!

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