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June 19, 2008


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jason salamun

"Yes, we should speak up for, defend, and fight for a Christian worldview. But maybe before we defend it and argue for it, we should actually try living it."

That hit me.

seth dean

this is good stuff! My flesh sometimes doesn't want to hear it

Carey Nieuwhof

I wonder if the upside down kingdom is what we long for most, but the reason we don't go there is because it threatens us most deeply. And yet the death of the threat we feel is also the beginning of the liberation we long for.

jay hardwick

very well said, carey.

Trey Tucker

Has anyone ever read Plato's "Parable of the Cave"? It describes several men sitting deep in a cave facing a wall with a light behind them projecting shadows on the wall in front of them. They spend their entire lives trying to name the shadows and see who can decipher the most, the most in a row, the most the fastest, and blah blah blah. One guy gets out and discovers that, outside the cave, there is color and texture and taste and smell and beauty and so much more than what was in the cave. He tries to go back down in the cave to get his friends out.

The bottom line is that everything we know--sport, business, politics, whatever--are all just dancing shadows on a wall. They're human inventions that have no power to assign value.

Anyway it's a great read. Check it out.

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