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June 04, 2008


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John Hobbs

Jay - Thanks. Seth is so right. We planted our church 8 years ago and 7 years down the road realized we had taken a departure from our vision and needed to make some changes. We relaunched our church Easter '08 with a renewed vision and a new name. We went into this with the classic ideas of promotion and advertising. We were going to have a grand opening, a new launch day. It's amazing how we can lay down the things God wants us to let go of, only to find new and creative ways to just pick them up again. Our vision has been to be a relational church with relational driven ministry but wasted our money and time in our relaunch that obviously focused on a quick growth mentality, not relational longevity. It is easy to get out in front of the Holy Spirit. We have to keep our eyes on what God values - relationships. Building relationships that last, though that takes longer, builds a stronger foundation in our churches. Everything in God's Word, when boiled down, has to be worked out in our everyday relationships. We first need to invest our resourced in what builds healthy people. Thanks for letting me drop my thoughts. - JOHN

Chris Elrod

Launching big has been failing at a rapid pace in Florida for about a year now. Small systematic launches have been doing better down here lately.


I read this Godin post too and it stuck with me.

It's the difference between a movement and an event. What should church be? The answer is obvious.

The keyword in that post is "groundswell" isn't it? John Hobbs is right- it's about relationships. That's the groundswell.

But is there something to be said for events? I mean, my wedding day was an event that helped signify something sacred and provided a starting point for a lasting marriage.

That said, events without substance are superficial. The key, perhaps, is found in the roots. And I don't think there are more effective roots than relational ones. Beginning with our relationship with Christ and extending to our relational networks.

I'm not sure that all makes sense but thanks for letting me think out loud in your comments section Jay. :)

jay hardwick

john :: thanks for sharing your story. great line that we drop the things God wants us to drop only to find a creative way to pick it back up again. you're so right...not just in church planting, but in life period.

chris :: we're seeing a similar trend here in SC. key factor is the ratio of Christ-followers to not yet Christ-followers...and that focuses on relationships and not a grand opening gala.

jason :: great point about weddings being significant events...and you hit the nail on the head, in my opinion. it's a relationship that's being celebrated at a wedding...and it's among friends and family that this relationship is celebrated. events are helpful, encouraging, and momentum building when they celebrate relational, missional substance that already exists. or something like that...:-)

great stuff guys! anyone else care to jump in?

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