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June 02, 2008


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Right there with you buddy...
I think I am about to go on an extended blogging break. A lot to get done, and need less distractions. Plus I think the quiet will help me put everything else into perspective. I hope so, anyway...

christy gunnell

Hi Jay!
I'm so NOT tech savy - so my noise is cut way down - but I set aside from 5-6am to read emails and one more hour a day (later) to respond to them - but most of my families are not communicating this way anyway. But I carry my journal with me mostly all day (or at least the verses God gave me that morning) and ask Him what is He trying to say to me through them. I look at my verses for the day at lunch and at supper and then write down where did I see God at work that day in my life - before my head hits the pillow. Hope that helps - Praying for you sunday night group! Hey, please send me your email address,(more noise!sorry)
Christy Gunnell


Jay, I'm cutting back on the number of blogs I read as well because, to me, it's mostly wasted time. Sure, I know a little bit more about what's going on in someone's life or what someone is thinking, but do I really NEED that? It's a bit voyeuristic anyway - I would rather talk with someone rather than watching their lives through the hole in the fence.


Great post. God has been bringing this to my attention a lot lately. I'll cut 10 blogs and then I add 10 more the next week. Its so much easier to read what someone else is doing.

jamey johnson

I can totally relate bro! Good stuff.

Terrace Crawford

I can totally relate. When you spoke to me at WiBo you mentioned that you follow blogs that really speak to you. I think that may be a good rule of thumb. There are certainly blogs that are a waste of time (hopefully mine is not on that list) and others that really sharpen you or make you think.

I think God can totally use these tools (ie: blogging, twitter, etc) in our lives to do his work and to even grow us but we must be very wise to maximize our time, resources and not be given to distraction. There is a definite line - I too have trouble defining it!

Philip Thurman

hey bro. man I am so with you. I'm reading a book called the heart of change. as i am doing that I am also being challenged by a guy on my staff to work on what I believe my priorities are and then to take a weekly calendar and mark those times in. Schedule the stuff that are priorities and then fill in the other stuff as I have time. I'm taking a day and spending 8 hours to work on this and then try to put it in place. I twitter and check it in the morning and evening. Blogs I read in the morning and then through out the day I will take fifteen minute breaks after an hour and a half of cranking working or meetings...just to refresh. I like to read as well. I am also journaling and it rocks. just my perspective

Ray Brock

Hi Jay,

I couldn't agree more! The blog is agreat tool but too many of us have been sucked in, and now it has become a hinderance.I cut my blog roll back to 10. They are guys that are friends, I trust, enjoy and are sowing into my life & ministry. I will still from time to time check out some old faithfuls just to catch up, but my everyday blog life has been cut way back. That's a happy place to be. Oh, you made the cut. See you soon!


jay hardwick

great thoughts everyone...thanks for sharing what you do to reduce the noise in your life.

i saw a great thought from tim sanders, a business guru, the other day. he said to turn off all automatic notifications - email, blog updates, etc. that way, you only get the noise when you've purposely set aside time to dive in. i used to do that, but somehow sort of forgot about it. i've started again. and, i am now checking email 3-4 times a day and at set times only.

social media (blogs, facebook, twitter, etc.) has its place and can be useful, but only when we properly prioritize it.

Jim Henry

Hey Jay...

You hit on something that is incredibly important. For me, it's about priorities. There are times when my blog reader hits to 400 mark, because I haven't checked it in several days..it's just not my top priority. I silence my phone often...I may miss some twitter messages, but again, it's not the priority. I don't have a scheduled time to read blogs, I simply do it when it makes sense. If it's going to dig in to my time with God or my time with my family, then it can wait. :)

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