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June 16, 2008


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the title of this post sounds like a really bad pick-up line.

Rich Butler

That is hilarious. You know sometimes it's easier to hear from someone else other than your pastor on things like this. The mind can be a terrible thing.

Bryan Plyler

Yep...and I heard it was so good that some were asking for a cigarette afterward :-)
I understand that one senior citizen was taken to the hospital from sheer excitement...Wow, I heard you could bring it...but now I'm really impressed.
Thanks for filling in, Bro, and being a trooper on a difficult subject to address...Sorry, I couldn't be there to hear it, but since the airplane door wouldn't seal, I'm glad they cancelled the flight. (Thank you Lord!)

jay hardwick

jason :: never thought about that, but you're right!

rich :: it's also easier to hear from...oops, my filter just kicked in...yes, rich, you're right. :-)

jay hardwick

bp :: glad you're back safe and sound! i made sure that the people were going to get rowdy with me before we got going...and like you said, they assured me they would. it was a ton of fun and the people were gracious...thanks for trusting me...means a ton!

Terrace Crawford

Thats hilarious... and if you want me to come in (with guitar inhand) I'll sing "Let's talk about sexy baby..." right before you talk.

Brad Ruggles

Boom chicka waa wah! :-)

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