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June 20, 2008


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Jed Dearybury

1. Not funny story can top yours.
2. What's Viva La Vida... I must have missed a post.
4.White Chocolate Mocha
5. 25 day cross country trip with my best friend... we are on day 7 now at the Grand Canyon... Stop by the blog and check out the pics!! Have a great time at the beach.. you guys deserve it!!!


In the bed... come on, what kinda "realtor" are you using?
Does he wear a suit and tie, or does he have the pants, the hat, the cane and enough bling to blind your enemys as they try to shoot at you?

I think I can see where you went wrong.

jay hardwick

jed :: viva la vida is coldplay's new album...came out on the 17th. definitely heading to your blog to see the pics...sounds awesome!

milo :: hilarious! you forgot to mention the pink caddy!


ok...here's some thoughts...

1. no house hunting stories, ours was pretty simple. new house, so no creepy things like yours. i just don't like our contractors now...they never seem to hold up their end of the deal
2. viva la vida...i love it. it took some time for me too...but about 3 times in, it just clicked. but, they could sing a beegee's song and i'd love it. its chris martin. i think this one is going to go down as a great one. lots of crazy musical stuff in there that blows my mind that they can think of that junk...
3. awesome....
4. winter drink: white mocha / summer drink: mint mocha chip frapp
5. cindy and i are leaving monday for tybee island for a week...nothing to do on the island, which is the way i love it. reading some great books, laying on the beach, and eating way too much seafood.

so there you go...


So Mine and Jimmys story was the opposite of yours. WE were the couple laying in bed! When we had our last house up for sale, we were laying in bed upstairs watching a movie/taking a nap and in walks this lady just looking around our house... LOL. It was hilarious! We left the door unlocked so I guess they thought they could walk around at their leisure because it was for sale. We cracked up the rest of the day. So there you go. Good thing we were just watching a movie!


1. Should have some coming up real soon. Hmm..
2. I will buy it when I have the money. I bought the single and like it a lot.
3. Does it have to do with sex again?
4. Cafe Vanilla Frap w/ Whip. Do it.
5. Charleston.


one time my parents were looking at a house - they were upstairs and they liked the place - but when they came back down the stairs - they smelled something awful. they thought something had died. it was me... in the bathroom. oops. i was like 6. oh well.

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