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May 02, 2008


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boyd bettis

I've been think about this thought all week.

'How do you move the mindset of church/missions for the event to a lifestyle?'

Focus would be moving people from thinking that missions/church is an event, to leading them to live a lifestyle of a missionary to their cities.


Learn how to see where God is already at work and then do whatever is necessary to get on board with what He is doing. All too often we dream up what we think God wants us to do for Him, and that pattern is never found anywhere in Scripture. I believe that many church plants and other programs fail (or have limited effectiveness) because we have dreamed it up and asked God to bless it.

((and yes, I have been heavily influenced by Henry Blackaby & Experiencing God))


Read Scott

I'd tell everyone there to chill. Don't take church planting so seriously. Just take it easy. If you start a church, people will come whether you try hard or you're innovative or you're passionate or not.


Todd Lollis

My big idea: Sit down, shut up, and listen to those guys!

Dustin Willis

Just as the Father sent me, so I send you. Jn. 20:21 The big idea is this: LIVE LIKE YOUR SENT (b/c you are) to represent something that is bigger than you are. God is using missionaries all over the world to change the world. We simply do NOT have a a whole lot of missionaries here in North America, but rather card carrying club members.Where NOT members of a club, but rather missionaries of a movement...we need to live that way.

carey nieuwhof

i don't have any big ideas, really, but here's what I might say:

spend a lot of time upfront with your team discerning what you are called to do, then do it. make sure all competing visions are set to the side, and then (with what will likely be a smaller team), go for it.

jay hardwick

great thoughts by all. especially yours, todd! :-) spoken like a true north greenville grad!

i think i'd want to talk along the line of where carey is going, but talking specifically on the catalytic leader. before i know/learn anything about anything else, i have to know who i am, who i am not, and be satisfied in that.

i'd rip off howard schultz to summarize the idea: "find your own sound"

hope all you guys and more can and will make it up to whiteboard - it's going to be a great event! there's still time to register...

Terrace Crawford

@ Jay - I think that is half the battle... knowing who you are, who you are not. I've been in ministry for 12 years now and I think I'm just now starting to figure this out. Of course, once I finalize my thoughts things will probably change. :-)

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