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May 28, 2008


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lloyd owens


I was just in a meeting this morning with a fellow church planter who was sharing his organization structure with me and he was in the midst of changing it due to growth. He said he wanted more time to spend with God and other things, but you have reminded me why we really need to free up our time.

I pray that those that are far from God drive from miles away to want to be around you, myself and church planters/pastors around the world!!!

Thank you!!!

jay hardwick

lloyd :: it's a tough rope to walk, no doubt, because preaching and leading are so very important. but the more i do it, the more convinced i am, that nothing is more important than being around lost people and developing friendships in the harvest. it takes discipline, intentionality, and prioritization, but it is SO worth it! and, i preach better and lead better when i am doing what i am preaching and when i am modeling what i am leading!

praying for you, bro!

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