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May 05, 2008


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kristi miller

i really, really like this post.

Mike Watkins

Good word Jay. I once heard a pastor say that it is good for pastors to hear the gospel preached to them once in a while. It keeps us sharp and fresh. God bless!

kim sanders

Whoa Jay. Great thoughts here! I'm going to keep reading, but just had to tell you! BTW: Where will the church be? i have a co-worker I want to tell about your place. Lives in Blythewood, needs to hear these kinds of thoughts. Thanks.
Kim Sanders

Kevin Womack

Great insights! Very well written. Thanks for sharing this.

jay hardwick

thanks to all for your encouragement. just sharing how God is speaking to and dealing with me...challenging, gut-wrenching stuff.

@mike :: you are exactly right...and i would take it a step further to say that we must hear and receive the gospel personally before God can use us to say anything corporately. to reverse it is dangerous.


nice analogy...i admit i thought "wow cool take on an old passage," when the reality is, this is what Jesus was saying anyway. why have i failed to apply to a modern setting? thanks for sharing

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