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May 22, 2008


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LV Hanson

hey Jay, you're parked in my spot...make room for the Vanagon! great to hang out with you and Lara Beth today

jamey johnson

good to see you doing well jay!

Pete Wilson

Great stuff Jay. Thanks for keeping us updated!



Great to meet you today. Hope to stay connected!

Dave Lewis


Great to connect with you at WiBo and chat for more than the few minutes we had in Orlando.


Thanks for the invite and shoutout...who needs to worry with enemies when I've got my best friend Jaybird...

jay hardwick

lv :: get that highway highlighter out of the way...:-)

daniel & dave :: great to see you guys at wibo! what a great gathering of "friends who've barely met face to face" the conference turned out to be! hope you guys left as filled up as i did...

leedle :: always a treat my friend! thanks for being a part of it...can't wait to chase your big idea with you. get hot!

Jim Henry

Hey Jay...

So glad we got connected at WIBO. Let's definetly stay in touch. I'll be praying and looking forward to hearing the great things God does in your ministry.

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