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May 07, 2008


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Bryan Plyler

Dead on...everything that grows out of the box usually has to start in one. We have to know who God is, who we are, and what niche he's given us to be effective in and from.

Dustin Willis

Great Stuff...I cannot wait to see the difference that is made in Northeast over next little while...and over all in this great city. It's gonna be good!

Jesse Phillips

Jay, MAN, I appreciate that idea so much.

I'm always spinning my mind and getting nothing done. You make a great point that big idea guys need to submit to a box in order to actually use all the ideas they spend their time coming up with.

Excited to see what you guys end-up doing!


Did we just have this conversation? Or are we learning the exact same stuff? I've had so many conversations about "focus" over the past few weeks, its crazy. Focus allows for traction, which is what leads to accomplishment, which leads to influence.
great thoughts my friend.

josh roberts

Wow! this hit me hard. you are dead on - it seems like i spend a lot of time gathering ideas, thoughts and plans and then become to overwhelmed to follow through with any of them. Thanks for the post, Jay.


i definitely get what you are saying. it is refreshing to hear this from people though.

random realization that i realized a while back... you are married to lara beth and i am married to a laura beth. neat.

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