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May 05, 2008


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Terrace Crawford

That is hilarious. I'll have to give it a read, for sure. He is so right. Sometimes our views of Jesus Christ is SO far off. I'm sure he laughs out loud (and probably cries too) sometimes at us.

BTW, I sometimes laugh out loud (@ inappropiate times) in meetings when I think of random things like this. I know people think I'm crazy.

jason salamun

I love that quote. IMO- this is one of the best books on Jesus ever. Glad you're digging it.

Oh, and now I know why you laugh randomly when we connect. All this time I thought I was a funny guy...

Pete Wilson

That is an awesome quote Jay.

jay hardwick

@terrace :: you mean you randomly laugh otu loud when you talk to jason salamun, too?! wow...must be an epidemic...:-)

@jason :: i'm really glad that a great friend gave it to me...who knows how far that small investment will go as i share it with sojourners all around me. and, you are a funny guy...

@pete :: you're the video master...surely you can find a video of a bunch of kids making cottonball sheep and post it on your blog and get 17000 comments from people sharing their wacky Sunday school stories. :-)

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