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May 15, 2008


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Eric Summers

Dude, I can totally feel you on that one. This Sunday morning I'm going to baptize Caelyn. Tell me a brother is not praying for composer. Please pray that I can get the words out and not just sit there in the water crying like a baby. I'll let you know how it went. Hopefully I'll have some pictures as well.

jay hardwick

wow...what a moment for you! i can't wait to do the same with our girls. definitely praying for you this weekend, bro!

jason salamun

dude- stop trying to make me cry. i've shared a similar moment with my little girl and it chokes me up.

Diane Hardwick

Wow! My heart just melted. I am praying for God's perfect will and mate for their lives, but also can't bear to think about how fast the birthdays are coming now. Love, Mom (Nana)

Rindy Walton

How sweet!!

Saturday night is sr. prom night for my oldest...yeah, it goes way to fast...enjoy it!!

Mike Thompson

Come on, I am not expecting to cry when I read your blog. Could you talk about Starbucks or something? I have those thoughts and conversations with my daughters too often. One thing I have learned is how to pray for the man that God is preparing for my daughters to marry! What a thougth, there is a little boy out there right now being prepared. I not only pray for him, but for his parents that they will be used my God to impact a boy that will someday be the man my daughter marries.


Beautiful post, Jay.

Jed Dearybury

That post was worth waiting 6 days for!!

Jed Dearybury

That post was worth waiting 6 days for!!

jay hardwick

jason & mike :: are you with me in protesting sappy daddy/daughter songs...seems like a new one is out every 3 months and they all sound like butterfly kisses. heard one last night coming home from the zoo...

hi mom! i know you're praying...just don't get in too big a hurry! :-)

rindy :: it's all downhill from there, isn't it!

susanne :: it's easy for a post about my three girls to be beautiful! thanks for the kind words!

jed :: thanks!

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