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May 16, 2008


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Hate, hate, hate that we have to miss WiBo. Thanks for offering to help with the tickets, but what we really need is a sitter that can camp out at our crib for a couple of days, and someone to magically release Chris from ACS without having to take vacation days. Know anyone with a "magic wand"?? ;-)

I will check with my parents about that room. Karen is moving out this weekend, and they will be "empty nesters" once again.


Jay! I'm so excited that LB can go with you to the conference! Y'all are going to have such a good time. And about last wednesday - talk about encouraging...WOW. just WOW!!!! God is SO good!


as an energy drink junkie - i am going to have to try that sucker.

josh bayne

sipping on the doubleshot energy dynamite right now ... not so bad

josh roberts

praying for you and Lake Murray.

Jim Henry

Not sure if that drink is healthy or if it will throw me into a seizurer..I guess I'll have to try it and get back to you.

See you at the WIBO lunch!

jay hardwick

susanne :: wish i had that magic wand! but, it looks like there are a ton of bloggers attending and there is a website that is debuting @ wibo: conferencechannel.org. hopefully blogs and that site will help you feel like you're there!

brooke :: life on the road is SO much better when LB is with me! thanks to you and justin for being a part of this wild ride in columbia...can't wait to see what's next!

blake :: let me know what happens when you do!

josh b. :: tell us more...what's not so bad? taste, the energy boost...what?

josh r. :: thanks for the prayers! i and they need them!

jim :: i feel the same way. if we're not at wibo next week, then we'll know why! espresso energy drink aside, looking forward to meeting "for real" next week!

Phillip Brande

Sam's a great guy, wants to start a church (last time we spoke), this should be a great summer for him. Thanks for letting him come down, tell him I said hi.


Jay, the new drink is AMAZING! It quickly became my favorite drink to make when it's hot outside. There are several things to remember when ordering this drink...

1) Always get it topped off with half and half. Sure, too much of it may kill you, but the taste is uncanny and will blow your mind.

2) Don't be fooled by people who suggest using different flavored syrups. The classic syrups in this drink is the best. Trust me.

3) Most important! DON'T DRINK THIS WITH A STRAW! The foam at the top is the best part of the entire drink. Use a straw later. Start without one.

4) Be careful of the "energy" you are getting. A grande comes with 3 shots already...so adding in the energy powder (which you don't have to) equals something like three to four thousand cups of coffee. Seriously. Ok, maybe not. But it is a lot. Anyway, enjoy.

Also, I miss you greatly.


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