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May 09, 2008


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Chris Reeder

That is so true about Pete!!!

Chris Ruppe is guest blogging today at ChrisReeder.com :-)

Pete Wilson

Here you go Jay...I'm spreading the comment love :)


i have a question. i know that you were the first that i saw with a weekly "friday five." but now - i see it all over the place. are you the originator?

Mark LeHew

I think that's true about Pete because he is great at commenting himself and others return the favor.

jay hardwick

@chris :: thanks for that series of posts. great stuff!

@pete :: thanks for sprinkling the withoutwax comment dust over here...:-)

@blake :: hmmmm...i'm not sure. i don't recall seeing it when i started doing it..i do remember steven furtick had a post called "friday fun." i was looking for a way to download random things into one post and friday five is what happened. do i get a prize if i am the originator? :-)

@mark :: you're right! and, his posts are so easy to comment on. his blog really reflects his personality.

Jed Dearybury

Ok Jay... its been since Friday and no post...what gives???? Yuo are the most religious poster I know..... is something wrong???... did you lose a finger in an unfortunate chain saw incident?

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