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May 30, 2008


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Chris Reeder

Praying for your meeting man! Please let me know how it goes old man! :-)

steve harrison

Praying for you! all over Phil 2:5 today, "in my life I must think and act like Christ." Blessings this weekend! and early Happy B'day! oh to be 30 again....

Jim Henry

I'm fired up for you guys Jay. God is about to hit it out of the park!

Happy early Birthday...My first number changes in a couple years...to a 4! Believe me...30 isn't so bad :)


Hey Jay,

Being 30 isn't so bad.

My best memory of being 30? Hair!



Terrace Crawford

Take the 30s like a man! Besides, I paved the way for ya. I turned 30 on December Uno.

Jay Hardwick

chris :: you guys are awesome! thanks for praying!

steve :: GREAT word, brother! thanks for sharing and praying!

jim :: love that enthusiasm...i need it because i feel so in over my head it's not even funny! thanks for the encouragement.

rob :: at the rate we're going, hair might be my best memory of 29! :-)

terrace :: the 30's don't start until 31 at least...at 30 you're not IN your 30's, you're just 30. :-)



I had hoped to hear one or more of your messages at Lake Murray Bptst. However, I am having difficulties finding a link to one of your sermons. Do you keep them online somewhere? If so, where?

jay hardwick

tim :: unfortunately, i don't think lmbc puts their sermons online. if i find out differently, i'll let you know. thanks!

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