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April 16, 2008


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hey man,
man this is such a sad problem that is so rampant in churches and communites everywhere. a couple of personal things i do are really inward, in that #1: i try to always act like cindy is right beside me. i know alot of people may say this, but this really helps out in situations of any kind. and #2:since none of us are immune to temptation, i keep a framed letter that cindy wrote and read to me at our wedding sitting right beside my laptop in our office at the house. just to look over there every day and see the closing line "...i can't wait to see what God can accomplish through us as we start our lives together..." - your bride. yea that will make your day any day.

anyways...this is just my personal stuff that God uses to keep me accountable.

mike watkins

Jay, thanks for covering this subject in a very biblical way. Too many sensationalize these kinds of things, but your post brings mature insight and wisdom.

I also appreciate Stephen's comments. He creates boundaries, but they are boundaries that evoke love and not law.

jay hardwick

stephen - thanks for sharing a couple of your boundaries. items like that letter are priceless...

mike - thanks for your encouragement!

i think i am going to do a series of posts on the moral boundaries thing at some point. it's too important to just gloss over and i want to get even more intense about boundaries in my life.

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