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April 04, 2008


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Dustin Willis

Since your boy Coach Horn can't say it then I will....It's Clemson University and well we are much better than you. Question for others who may read this comment. Is it still rival game when one team has dominated so much over the last 10 years. Want to talk football?


Yeah... about the new basketball coach... I agree he already sounds like a true GAMECOCK, unlike our present football coach... I'm not sure where his loyalty lies... as per his recent press conference.... can you say... get on board brother, especially if you are going to take our money!!

jay hardwick

dustin - why do you clemtech fans insist on living in the past? you are right - clemson basketball is in a much better place than the gamecocks are now. but it will not be long before that gap closes...mark it down.

techno - i missed his most recent comments. i know he has to be ticked that his wonderkid qb has proven to be an idiot. but, i think his competitive juices are flowing more than ever and he's got the best coaching staff he's had since his arrival. hang in there...we'll get there! :-)

Brooke Turner

BOOOOOO about that last comment re: CLEMSON!!! :)

Chris Reeder



I'll be at the Masters Thursday & Friday. I'll eat a PC sandwich for you! GO DAWGS!!

jay hardwick

brooke - you can't come back from italy and start booing on my blog...

reeder - ummm...no one mentioned or cares about your laundry detergent. crazy church planter...

clay - i'm really trying hard to not be jealous...trying so stinkin hard...but it's not working...


Dude, I hate to say it but I'm a man under authority and so I gotta roll with Dustin on this one man. He's my pastor, what else can I do?

Oh also, I'm a man of science and none of the data points to anything other than pure domination in football and basketball and baseball and soccer. . .

Oh also, I'm a man of God and He built Clemson with His bare hands so. . .

I'm gonna go to Poland for a coupla weeks now. Peace bro!

Rindy Walton

I'm just excited the golf courses here have finally been able to open---snow is almost gone!!

Henry Judy


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Andy Shaffer

Jay, I just wanted to thank you again for speaking at HUB this weekend. God really spoke to me through what you were saying, and I appreciated your willingness to follow God wherever he takes you.

God Bless,

jay hardwick

andy - it was an honor to be with you guys this weekend. tons of potential in that room...can't wait to see what kind of waves you guys make on your campuses! i'll be praying for you and the winthrop crew! keep in touch.

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