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April 23, 2008


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dude i wish i were there for this stuff...it makes so much stinkin' sense. still waiting to hang out to hear some of this stuff you're doing.


I think that Hirsch was the best all day. I had a guy ask me, "Well what was the best part of the experience so far?" I told him - after hearing Alan, having read his most recent offerings - I could go home and be satisfied - I love the heart. What he said was just what I needed. Hope you're having fun!

mike watkins

Jay,this is good stuff. I wish I were there. Moreover, I wish more people were here. The mission field here is wide open, but workers are few.

I long for the days when there was a tangible urgency to send and to go. We desperately need missional people on the field, and I know you need them there too because...well,..you are on the field too. God bless

jay hardwick

stephen - c'mon down to columbia and let's talk!

chris - the things i was so thankful to hear was hirsch's hope for the church in the west. he has not in anyway written it off as some other missional/incarnational thinkers/leaders have. i think he is right on so many things and glad that he has the platform he now has.

mike - you are so right on both accounts. maybe as we do a better job of casting vision for people to "go" here, we will also do a better job of going there. let's pray in that direction...that's what Jesus told us to do when He talked about the possibility of the harvest!

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