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April 22, 2008


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thanks for the notes my friend.



What is with the first Andy Stanley quote about student pastors? That kind of left me scratching my head. What is the context of that statement and is it good or bad?

jay hardwick

j.d. - my bad on this one...just have noted that it was a joke. he was sharing the story of how north point got started and that he was the student pastor on his dad's staff at fbc atlanta. then, he made the side comment that i quoted...hope it didn't freak you out too much!

Nick Blevins

Jay, correct me if I'm wrong because I wasn't there. But, I would imagine Andy really does think that far more often than not, student pastors pastor their own church eventually. In the last 5 years, I would say they plant them. Before that they took a job as pastor at and established church.

I only know of a couple student pastors that never ended up in the lead pastor role somehow. I think Andy also believes student pastors inherently create relevant environments, which often times leads them out of irrelevant churches until they're frustrated enough to start their own.

jay hardwick

nick - cant really speak for what andy thinks...but, your statement is often true. i do know that in the early days of crafting north point's strategy, a motivating thought was, "let's do youth group for adults." kinda fun...but speaks to your hunch that sp's maybe have a better understanding of what a relevant environment looks like.

thanks for your thoughts and comments, nick!

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