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April 29, 2008


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Troy Gramling

Good word, Jay. Authenticity is key to leadership...

jay hardwick

troy...thanks for your words and example in this area!


Hey Jay, wonderful and very true comment, but Im wondering what if people don't know what your doing ,Giving serving etc. Most if not all of what I do I try to not make a big deal about it, so as leader should I be telling people - those Im trying to lead? Sometimes I can do something and I'll think no ones knows, and I'm surprised when I find out later on sometimes months or years later that someone did know. But those are few and far between. Should I just come out and say what Paul said? I want to be able to say as Paul did IMITATE me, but man thats tough- because i more than Paul have not arrived, yet I have a huge responsibility to lead.

jay hardwick

russ -

greta questions...it's that tightrope that leaders have to walk between humility and confidence. not sure if this is right, but here's my stab at answering your question.

your example will be heard and seen in the stories you tell more than the sermons you preach or anything else.

the more stories you tell of service and sacrifice, the more people know that's how you live your life. the more stories of investing in relationships with people far from God, the more people know that's how you live your life. etc.

of course, you only have stories if you actually do it. and the really good stories more often come out of lifestyle commitments, not one shot deals, if you know what i mean. i think your long-term involvement has more impact than your one shot deals, anyway.

again, i don't know that that is right...i hope it made sense...but it's what i am trying to do here in columbia. rather than telling people what to do in theory, i want to be able to share examples and stories out of my own involvement and habits.

blessings on you as you lead!


Jay- good response thanks for the insight

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