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March 24, 2008


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That's easy!
Back in the day,
it was WOLF PACK ALL THE WAY Baybee!!!
(Did I really just admit that on the interweb???)
Hee hee!!


Ha! Yes and yes. Growing up in TX, I too, dug the "Naitch" and the R&R Express. I used to put bandanas on my arms and legs and do dropkicks on my bed. Perhaps you and I should team up and revive the mullet and bandana look. (This isn't being published, right?) :)

I was also a big Hulkamaniac growing up. "When it comes crashing down and it hurts inside..."

As church planters and pastors, we need to pay attention to pro wrestling. Seriously.

Did you know that wrestling has been the top rated show for males 18-49 for years? The very same group that is the least likely to go to church. True story.

I thought I'd throw down a little cultural exegesis in order to appear classier than I really am.

Louie Marsh

Sting baby!!

And he's a born again Christian now - very cool! Also loved Flair and the 4 Horsemen, NWO - wolfpack, etc.

Burke Wilson

Great question, Jay -- sadly enough I was an Ultimate Warrior fan, one of his Little Warriors. Did anyone ever know what he was saying in his interviews?



how can you talk about wrestling without Lex Luger! no one could escape the torture rack, AND he was the first one to body slam yokozuna!

hope you and the fam had a blessed Easter weekend, Jay! take care!


Magnum T.A. vs. Nikita Koloff
Best of 3 match
The belly-to-belly suplex all the way baby!

Chris Reeder

Magnum T.A. & Bill Goldberg!!!

Jed Dearybury

I actually saw the Rock and Roll Express here in Spartanburg at the Memorial Auditorium when I was 10... It was so cool... What a great night!!!

Jake Wade

Jen and I had the great fortune of purchasing ice cream with Rick Flair a couple of years ago just outside our home in Charlotte, NC. I decided to ask him if ice cream was part of a wrestler's diet. Rick laughed and said no, but my wife is studying for a real-estate exam and it's apart of the study diet. He was super friendly and a pretty nice guy. I must say the years of wrestling and scars have taken their toll!

Rich Butler

I love it. The Nature Boy deserves a key to the city...right? Wrestling has added such an admirable aroma to the city of Columbia. I hear they are giving Ricky The Dragon SteamBoat a key to Greenville.

He's never been here, but the fact that he beat Rick Flair in the World Championship back in the 80's is reason enough to warrant a key to our city...right?

Great Post!

jay hardwick

susanne - confession is good for the soul...and clearly, you're among friends! :-)

jason - it's published! and since you went there, i used to do the bandana thing every night before bed...and i tried to grow a mullet and prayed that God would turn my hair blonde so i could be like ricky, thank goodness He didn't comply! good point on who watches wrestling...still. :-)

louie - good call on the horsemen...and who can forget the stinger splash?!

blake - wow...an official little warrior. i had no idea!

aaron - luger was a beast...and, no you didn't just bring up yokozuna! i'm impressed...

clay & chris - GREAT call on magnum t.a....he didn't just have a mullet...he had a permed mullet! his battles with koloff were classic...watch out for the russian sickle...

jed - i never got to see them live, so i gotta admit, i'm a bit jealous!

jake - ice cream with ric flair...wooo! everything i heard and read about him today says that he is a pretty classy dude. and you're right...looking at him today makes me think wrestling might be real. :-)

rich - ricky the dragon steamboat...wow! one of my college roommates sat next to him at a comedy club in columbia once...maybe he's next in line for a key!


sting is my favorite - by far. he was amazing. i loved him when he was blond and colorful - but he went into 'kickin-a and takin names' mode when he wore black and white.

and let's not forget the heartbreak kid with the sweet chin music.

Cliff Marshall

The greatest of all time has always been and will always be the Nature Boy. To be the man you gotta beat the man! WHOOOOOOOO!


All time favorite has to be the perfector of both the "stinger splash" and the "scorpian death lock"...none other than Sting!! But you got love some Nature Boy...the Rock N' Roll Express where good....and who could forget their biggest nemesis...the Freebirds! But the all time best tag team has to be...L.O.D...Hawk and Animal!!


I'm a Flair man. Matte of fact, our Lead Team all have figures on their desk of the original Four Horsemen. That is how we roll in the dirty south.


I would have to say "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan. He was the ultimate. He had a lazy eye and just looked at guys and they fell over.

Mike Watkins


I saw Rick in my home town of Rocky Mount, NC when I was a teen. That was over 30 years ago. He really is fit still! I was a believer back then when it was Mid Atlantic Wrestling, not a Christian though. I believed wrestling was all real, a true convert. Still, it was great entertainment.

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