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March 28, 2008


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a) second best thing to do with a peep after putting it in the microwave is giving them to someone else... or throwing them away.
b) you gotta love that SC pollen. when i was 16 i wanted a yellow car. little did i know all i had to do was wait until spring.
c) that is freaking awesome.
d) i like ESV. but i am so partial to the NIV. i like that bible you picked out though. pretty sweeet.
e) no. twitter is AOL Instant Messenger - with out instant messages and only with away messages. that is all it is to me.

have a great weekend.

Burke Wilson

The Friday Five is back!! I always look forward to this entry. Jay, you are a great communicator -- keep writing.

Grant Reeves

jay, man, come on.....twitter. you know you want to.....! join the club.


Join the Tumblr team! It's way better, you can follow people, post multiple types of posts, and post in multiple ways. Plus, it puts out an RSS feed just like Twitter. My Tumblr is hearscott.com


I too hate the pollen factory that the south turns into every spring. I LOVE my ESV. a friend of mine told me about it a couple of years ago and I got one to check it out and have loved it. I really get a lot out of it. I'm not a twitterite because it just seems pointless and like it would take up too much time. Just my thoughts.

Brad Ruggles

Peeps...have you tried playing golf with them?

Man, I've gotta re-post my Amazon wish list now!

New Bible...it's always hard to get a new Bible because you know how you instinctively just know where certain passages are in the Bible you've used for years?

Twitter...yes. Do it. There is no point.

Brad Ruggles


I know bloggers love to Twitter (or use Tumblr) but I don't see what the big deal is. Besides my mom, I don't know who else cares that I'm standing in line for popcorn at the movies.

Brandon Johnson

Coolest things to do with peeps: use them in videos to encourage your "peeps" (church members/attenders) to invite their "peeps" (friends, relatives, neighbors, co-workers etc) to an Easter service. Fellowship Church did that this year and it was great. Everyone who came got a peep for three straight weeks too as they walked into the worship center. The first week you were like "what is this" and you were in suspense until the very end when they showed the first video. The final week before Easter they had children (and a few adults) dressed in peep costumes handing out invite cards and peeps. The whole thing was well thought out and very effective. Go to You Tube and type "fellowship church peeps" to watch parts all three parts.

As for ESV...I love mind for study purposes. I consider it a more readable version of the NASB. It's true to the original language but flows a little more naturally. It also works well if you're wanting to simply read and not focus so much on the study aspect. I'm not sure that it's as easily understood by most people (especially non-believers) as NIV or TNIV. You can always preach from a different translation though if that's what is needed to best connect with your audience.

Erika Chapman

Jay, I am convinced hell is a hot room with shedding cats while there is a WNBA game on a black and white tv.


1. try torching the outside of the peep with a pastry torch to crisp the sugar. great fun!

2. pollen sucks.

3. ESV Rocks.

Leland Nelson

I love my ESV. I don't think I could go back to the NIV.


when i see people have "twittered" it automatically makes me think of a middle school girl texting her friend to let her know what pointless activity she is doing or about to do. who cares?! don't do it man, as your brother-in-law, i am begging you not to do it!

Rob Weber

Peeps are the best thing ever to put in the microwave!!! Dont you remember what we did while living in Bridal Ridge?!?! We were either blowing peeps up in the microwave, throwing vanilla wafers around corners and my all time favortie, taking the bouncy ball and throwing it as hard as we could in the foyer. Oh well we cant forget us putting marshmellows on the lights bulbs. Man those were some good times.


yo are you still coming up tomorrow? want to see you if so.

Phillip Brande

Peeps, They are fun for your kids as a bath tub toy!

Peeps, Place them at various points in your house,
In a kitchen cabinet right beside the salt shaker.
Hang them with a string from each blade of your ceiling fan and turn it on.
In your freezer with a sign that says global warming.
Place them in your mail box with a "nest" for your post man.

Peeps, Put them in side a baked potato with only their heads sticking out of the area where you cut the potato and serve them to your guest.

Peeps, Place them around the plate of fried chicken on your dinner table with a sign that says, "have you seen my mother."

OK too much free time...

Rob Edwards

Peeps are great toasted over an open flame...just like their marshmallow ancestors.

Or...put your Peep into a steamy mug of hot chocolate!

About 3 years ago I moved over to ESV after many years with NIV, and find it blends the things I find most important--accuracy and readability. The public reading of Scripture is one of the most missed components in worship today. The ESV reads with the grandeur of the KJV but with the readability and understandability of more dynamic translations.

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