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March 18, 2008


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jeff g

thanks for this. :)

Brad Ruggles

That's a sad story that's all too true. And just think of the reactions of the people who he talked to who weren't involved in a church. *sigh*

Brad Ruggles



Cliff Marshall

Jay, I'm with you 100%. The days of the cold call knock on the door died about the time disco did. Glad you and your family made it through the storms.


I can't decide if that makes me want to cry or throw up!

Jason Salamun


I don't think the complaint about churches being all about the numbers is about the size of a church. It's about stuff like this. Stepping over the obvious damage around you to hand out a postcard and then drive away.

Greg Dodson

This is very encouraging. Not the fact that these guys care more about their program than their neighbors, but the fact that this disturbed you. God is on the move in Columbia and it's exciting to see leaders like yourself react like this.


I'm with you on that one brother!! The least you can do is to ask "is there anything we can do?" and pray with you!! Ah, but you see he wasn't dressed for that was he?

michael buckingham

You're so right...and I'm a church marketing guy!

It has to start with the person not the postcard. I think too often it's about focus, is our focus on simply filling up seats or seeing lives changed?

We should try to fill the seats, but not so that they will simply be filled.

Good post!

jay hardwick

brad - i fear the same thing...i'm a Jesus-follower and i was ticked. what did those who are not Jesus-followers think? yikes!

cliff - you're so right. we don't have permission to invade people's territory just because we have a cool postcard and a cool program to invite them to.

jamie - both would be appropriate!

jason - i knew you'd get fired up about this! :-)

greg - thanks for those encouraging words and your prayers for this great city!

technonana - no, he wasn't dressed for doing ministry...he was dressed to sell vacuums! :-)

michael - thanks for commenting and sharing your thoughts...especially since you are a church marketer. are you related to marcus? :-)


I read your story with amazement. I reference it on my blog, too.


Wow - what a great testimony about how churches can miss the mark on some many fronts. Most have great intentions but need to re-tool their thinking. Thanks Jay for helping us remember that Jesus is ALL about the every day life.

jay hardwick

donny and randy - thanks for chiming in and linking, too.

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