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February 04, 2008


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Rich Butler

How many times have you "thrown up" in your mouth this year at what the Lord is doing in your leadership?

Grant Reeves

For someone who feels God's call to be a church planter, what is the most valuable piece of advice you could give them?


Is Colt Brennan really your brother?


What's the one question you would ask a leader you respect?


To what end will you make the church "irresistible"?

Rich Barrett

How do you balance being provacative for the sake of truth with being provacative for the sake of being provacative? For the record, I don't think he's crossed this line, but how does HE know when he's close to the line?

Chris Saulnier

What do you do or, how do you react when one of your "high capacity" volunteers comes to you and says that they feel called to full time ministry?

jay hardwick

great questions, guys...especially yours clay! :-)

i think i'd want to know about a failure or a setback that elevation experienced early on that potentially served as a catalyst for them moving forward. maybe there wasn't one, but i have hunch there was...seems like there always is!

i can't decide which question is the best, so i am going to let steven decide. so, all of your questions are going to him and we'll see which one he picks to answer. look for his answer on here next week, probably.

thanks for sharing!

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