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February 06, 2008


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I am challenged! I sense this will resonate with me for some time.....wow! Great stuff!

Scott Magdalein

Strong post. Very challenging. Thanks for publishing this.


i've already sent this to all the guys on staff with me. incredible. i wish i were there. good stuff man.

Mike Burns

Wow! Great stuff! ....and so solid and sound. This kind of material is true throughout all of the shifts of time and culture. THANK YOU for posting this!

jay hardwick

@steve - no doubt...this is pure gold and spoken from a guy who lives it out.

@scott - thanks for reading it! always glad to share what i am learning and experiencing!

@stephen - this is great stuff to use with a staff...if i had one, i know i would! :-)

@mike - you're right...this stuff is timeless. great point!


This is so timely for myself and my husband. The Lord has been speaking to us for some time to move out from where we are at in our ministry. Last night was a loud answer and now I find this. Thank you for blessing us with this information.

jay hardwick

hope -

thanks so much for sharing a part of your story. praying for God's favor on you and your husband as you move forward...please keep us posted with what's happening!


Wow... what a great post. Thanks so much for sharing what you're learning. I told Chris that I think we need to print that quote in BIG BOLD LETTERS and paste it to our foreheads! ;-)

"God doesn't anoint churches, programs, strategies, and buildings to accomplish His purposes. He anoints people to accomplish His purposes."

Gives me chills!!!

Thanks again for sharing... Give my love to LB and the girls...

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