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February 07, 2008


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Great stuff jay! I was hit hard by "Don't confuse prominence with significance. You may not be prominent, but you are significant." I need that reminder sometimes.

Cynthia (Wood) Thomas

I am incredibly challenged by the one about growing people needing a growing pastor. Though i'm not a pastor, it is true that the students I invest in won't grow if I'm not. Wow! What a responsibility! Though how awesome is it that it is our job to walk with the Lord?!:)


don't confuse prominence and significance.

so good.

jay hardwick

@adam - you and me both!

@cynthia - great perspective! no time is more important for a leader than time with Jesus!

@blake - agreed 100%...rick was so transparent and honest when he said it. i'll post more about it early next week.

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