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January 29, 2008


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hands down one of the best blogs i've read in a very long time. we were eating lunch yesterday and i saw a guy with multiple things wrong with him across the restaurant, and right then and there my heart just broke. i lost focus of my meal. i just kept thinking, i hate it that other people aren't as blessed as we are. who does he go home to at night? i saw bono speak not long ago and he said:
"yes, God may be here or there, i'm not sure, but this i do know: God is in that cardboard box that that little boy had to sleep in last night; God is in that mother's arms holding her child, as they are both infected with the same disease. i believe that if we do not have a heart for the hungry and the poor, then i seriously doubt that you are even a true Christ follower, because that was the very nature of his coming to earth."
good stuff man...

Dave Lewis


That's some powerful writing. We think along the same wave length. We see the things that most people either don't see, or simply turn a blind eye to. Jesus said He will, one day, separate His sheep from the goats. His sheep are the ones who are looking out for other sheep who are harassed and helpless, weary and scattered, and stained from the filth and stench of sin,unable to find their way back to the Shepherd.

The girls in the trailer park need someone like your friend, and others, who will give up the ordinary comforts of life in order to go there and be the hands and feet of Christ. That's what those first disciples did, as recorded in Acts (Acts 2:44-46; 4:32-35).


Ok, I'm moving to Columbia.

Great word Jay. Great word. So cool to see the Lord working in/through you.


Jay- I have goosebumps! That is exactly what the passion of a church planter, pastor, and Christ Follower should be.

I love how you looked beyond the school lunch statistic into the larger issue. I love how you care about the one young girl in the trailer park. I love how you see the need in your city. Even more, I love how you have made it a personal mission by saying, "Not in my city."

You're not starting a church, you're impacting a community!

Ben Arment

I love your heart Jay.


Great word, Jay! I'm praying for you man. Don't let anybody or anything douse the fire that has been kindled in your heart. Keep stokin' the embers brother and may God keep pouring Himself into you for His own glory.

Brooke Turner

When I hear and read about these blatant needs that exist just around the corner, the thing that disburbs me the most is how easy it is for me to be complacent about it. It is so easy for me to say "wow thats really terrible" but then go on as if it is not there because I don't see it or run across these needs daily. Something you said the other night resonated with me - "The best soil is in the darkest places"... I pray that God disturbs and breaks my heart even more towards this hopelessness, and then gives me/us courage and wisdom on how to get in these dark places and start being and showing Christ to these people.

Brad Ruggles

Wow...it sounds like God has given you a passion to do something about that! It's always cool to watch someone with a passion to ignite change because there's no stopping them. It's infectious to be around them because then YOU become passionate about it as well.

We'll be praying that God continues to stir that HOLY DISCONTENT with the way things are and empowers you to bring change.

Brad Ruggles


Jay, man I think back to Catalyst when Craig Groeschel said, "Lord, disturb me"...looks like you were...awesome!...I appreciate your heart and you sharing...the Lord has been disturbing me but I am on the sidelines and want to be broken by the things that break His heart...I have been blessed to follow what these young folks are doing in Oklahoma City... www.undergroundokc.blogspot.com, blessings!...thanks for the 'disturb' reminder!

jay hardwick

stephen - love that bono quote...it was at a music awards show last year. he ended it saying, "God is with the least of these and He is with us when we are with them." what a challenge...

dave - i love your story and i am glad we are connected. giving up the comforts we've come to expect as "normal" is not easy...but i guess giving up your throne in Heaven to rescue humanity isn't easy either.

bg - come on down...plenty of work to go around!

jason - thanks for the encouragement! excited about your journey and how God will use project church!

ben and clay - thanks for your encouragement!

brooke - i feel your conviction for our complacency...sometimes i fear that all of our "progessive" ministry strategies have just further disconnected and isolated us from the real good news points that exist in our cities. thanks for your commitment to this mission.

brad - thanks for your prayers! praying the same for you as you begin your planting journey!

steve - i definitely was disturbed and still am everyday! thanks for the link...i'll be sure to check it out.

thanks to all for your comments and sorry for my delay in responding.

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