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January 31, 2008


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Brad Ruggles

Totally!! I love Gabe and love the book. I hadn't seen this interview though. He does a great job of articulating what it means to be a Christian in today's world without being "weird."

Thanks for posting it.

Brad Ruggles

josh bayne

man, great stuff! surprised such a Christian conversation could go down on CNN, but i'm definitely for it. gabe was spot on too i thought. hadn't seen this interview before either...

Roland Thomas Gilbert

After I got my hands on the book and began reading it, my pastor saw it sitting on my desk, picked it up and skimmed it. Then he bought two copies - one for himself and one for our associate pastor.

A few weeks later, we decided to package our "5 Core Values of the Church" 5-wk message series around the idea and based on the premise of unChristian. This Sunday is week three of the series we're calling "You're a Christian? Really? PROVE IT." Find out more at firewheelchurch.com.

It's creating quite a buzz and I'm pumped about how God will use this book to ultimately impact our whole church community.

Chris Reeder

Where in the world did you find that awesome video???


I loved the book! Definitely rocked me too--although have known the thoughts---the stats were the revealing part, not only from "outsiders" but those from young Christians also.

I think it's made me more aware on a personal level all the interactions I have throughout the day, and increased my feelings of accountability for everything I say and do.

Planning for church planting--it's forced me to always look at everything from the non-churched perspective. Whether I am visiting another church, listening to sermons, or figuring out systems--always putting myself in someone else's shoes.

Chris Reeder

I started reading unChristian yesterday!

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