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January 17, 2008


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Boyd Bettis

Jay, thanks for reposting these questions. I really think it's going to challenge us as church leaders to reference these questions to examine our ministries.

I really like #6 - Something I've tried to do is to encourage people to stay committed to their churches and further the ministry of the church their already in.

#3 - That could be a good or bad thing. It could be a good thing if they invite you because they like you as a person and notice a difference between you and them. It could be a bad thing, if there inviting you to join them in their sinful behavior and you participate in it.

Overall, I think it's a really good list of questions to ask.

jay hardwick


number 6 is one that far too many church planters fail to measure...and the failure to do so cripples tons of church plants. i know...i've done it...or failed to do it in this case.

you're right, number 3 can be tricky. that's where we have to pray for wisdom and be especially sensitive to the Spirit. but, i have found that when i connect with a person who does not know Jesus in a way that he/she wants be to be around their buddies who also do not know Jesus, it's usually in a tame environment. their goal is dialogue, not showing a pastor how to have some "real" fun...:-). but, on occasion, you do get invited to places you probably would not ordinarily go. but, that sort of defines Jesus's life and ministry...going to places religious people didn't go and talking to people that religious people didn't talk to.

i particularly love #4...we are missionaries to our own neighborhoods.

i think i'd want to add something about "number of leaders who recently became Christ followers who are actively engaged in reaching back into the harvest."

a great list...really pushes you think and evaluate every area, even the stuff that seems insignificant.

Boyd Bettis


Thanks for the feedback.

I am with you on number 4. I live in a condo community and one of the things I have been trying to do is meet my neighbors. It's a lot harder than I thought it would be. For some reason everyone who lives here is never around. I have been going to the gym lately to try to meet some people who live here.

As far as number three goes, I've never been to a bar before, but for me personally going to a bar with a lost person doesn't really make me cringe. Where I would draw the line on this issue is when it comes in partaking of the sin with the lost person. I'm not one who would go smoke pot with potheads to reach them. But, I've heard of people doing this and I think it's dumb. Or going to a strip club to reach strippers...kind of nonsense to me.

I've been wrestling and thinking through the idea of where do lost people hang out and go to find community. They go to bars. I guess what we can ask, would be are we willing to really go to where lost people congregate?

Thanks man.

jay hardwick

right on, boyd! thanks for the insight!

Heath Davis

I needed to read this today!!!!! Not to go into great detail but I spent the morning asking myself some hard questions about how we gage a win here at Pinnacle. Then I read this blog! I deperately needed something more than our usual "numbers" game to show the wins we are having as a young church. Looking through this lense allows me to see the impact we are making as people are taken through the process of transformation.
Thanhks bro.

jay hardwick


thanks for stopping by and thanks for commenting!

it's so easy to focus on that triple bottom line...butts, bills, and baptisms. but the reality is that mission is so much more than that.

Jesus started with 12 and grew it to 11. hmm. i don't recall Jesus ever taking an offering. in fact, i think He was homeless. :-)

its so easy to get discouraged when that triple bottom line isn't booming...and sometimes we should get discouraged and investigate what's going on. but sometimes, we beat ourselves up too much.

when you broaden the context of what is missional, then i think you get a better sense of what God is doing...the BIG picture.

glad the post helped you today...i'm still chewing on it all!

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