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January 25, 2008


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Chris Reeder

Craig Groeschel is #1 on my list!

Brad Ruggles

Great list! I would agree with many of them. Here's a few on my list:

Steven Furtick - Elevation Church
Mark Beeson - Granger Church
Brad Powell - NorthRidge Church
Andy Stanley - NorthPoint Church

alan hirsch

Careful with what you wish for! It might happen oneday.


Boyd Bettis

Craig Groeshcel, Steven Furtick, Mark Driscoll.

and Jay Hardwick - we should find a time when we'll be in the same place. Are you going to be a churchplanters.com next month or the White Board Session? - I'll be in DC all that week.

jay hardwick

chris - of course, he's number one only because you and i have already met...right?? :-) whatever...

brad - great list!

alan - you tell me when and where and i am there. maybe at the exponential conference?

boyd - as of right now, i am planning on being at the cp.com and at whiteboard. would love to connect at either or both!

Boyd Bettis

Jay -

Sounds good. Let's touch base before the cp.com. Would love to met up with you there.



Since I've already met you (hee hee...that's funny...considering you practically grew up at my parent's house!!) I guess I'll go with....

1. Craig Groeschel, you are so right about his humility and authenticity...plus...I had to go with Chris on that one, right???
2. Perry Noble
3. Andy Stanley
4. Erwin McManus (reading Unstoppable Force...He ROCKS!!!)
5. Mark Batterson


Hey Chris, did you see that?? Jay is going to Whiteboard!! Maybe you could "hitch a ride"!!!


I've met some great pastors. And I have a feeling that there are people I don't know but would love to know. You know?

But, if I were to choose from who I've heard of, these dudes would be on my list.

1. Mark Driscoll- Since I've only listened to him preach, I imagine he would yell at me the whole time. But that's okay, because I'll be wearing a cup. Actually, he's an incredible teacher and leader.
2. Craig Groeschel- A couple of years ago, I had no idea who he was. Today, he's a hero in ministry.
3. Tim Keller- Loads of wisdom without the arrogance.
4. Vince Antonucci- For his passion for non-Christians. He's become a strong influence in my approach to ministry.
5. Francis Chan- The dude is genuine and one of the best Christian teachers on the planet.

I'd say Jay Hardwick but we're meeting next month. :)

In general, church planters are my favorite people to be around. It's the only time I'm surrounded by people who are as crazy as me.

jay hardwick

@susanne - scary how much dirt you've got on me...definitely enough to knock me out of the top 5! :-)

@jason - totally agree with you on the "under the radar" leaders...that's where some big time innovation is happening. i can't imagine what a convo with driscoll would be like...and keller is a great add as well.

@everyone - maybe we need to see if we can get up a bloggers breakfast or something at churchplanters.com?

Boyd Bettis


Sounds like it would be a sweet idea. Is your wife attending with you? My wife is coming up with me.



I'll be at the CP.com. Browns Bridge is 3 minutes from there and I live about 5 mins from mountain lake. let me know if you want some ideas for dinner/blogger get together. I'd love to hang out.

jay hardwick

jamie -

you got it! would love to make something happen...nothing too fancy...just a common place where bloggers can kick it, meet face to face, meet other bloggers, all that.

looking forward to meeting you and thanks for offering to help make this happen!

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