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December 23, 2007


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charles Whitmire

Jay I watched the same thing and went Wow... There's a guy we need to share the Gospel to... Funny, I never watch 60 minutes, (our service for Phoenix is at 7pm on Sundays) but all three of the stories were good. I liked the Osteen piece. It paints him as a real guy, and one to really question - but he's not your typical televangelist. I kept hearing say, "I'm just doing what I am gifted to do..." Maybe his calling is uniquely positive :) I also got a kick out of the DNA piece and the fact that the Montana redneck was so ready for family that his "african" ancestors are just "part of life." I wish all of us were as ready to accept what comes our way! Merry Christmas...


"Satisfaction does not come from accomplishments." Nothing is more true. Thanks for the post.

jay hardwick

charles -

missed the rest of the episode...don't know much at all about osteen except what a few friends who have met and spent time with him said.

i would almost bet that someone has shared the gospel with brady. i just wonder how it was shared and by whom...i wonder if anyone who knew tom brady before he was tom brady genuinely loved him enough to share not just the truth of the gospel, but their lives as well.

merry christmas to you, as well!

Todd Lollis

It takes a big man to admit he is a Dolphins fan! Most of the time I just walk around with a bag over my head. Maybe better days are ahead!

Great post!


Great post, man... GREAT post!

Dino Senesi

Good word Jay. Tom has reached regular season perfection now. If he wins it all, he will need another mountain.

jay hardwick

todd - i can only admit my allegiance to the dolphins because of the hiring of bill parcells. his "take no junk" demeanor is what they need and i hope will turn them back into a winner. hey, at least we've got the #1 pick in april...maybe this time we won't blow it...did you hear that ted ginn, jr.!

dino - you're exactly right...it will be interesting to see if tom has any answers to his search if they complete the perfect season.

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