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December 03, 2007


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J.D. Richards

Sounds like you had breakfast with Steven Furtick? I know that is a favorite passsage of his as well.

I am living this truth right now. I am a youth pastor and am looking to bring a few new leaders onto our youth staff. I am experiencing the benefits of this type of encouraging relationship with two people in perticular and it is a huge blessing.

I wish I had embrased this truth years ago. It would have saved me a lot of effort and pain.


jd -

very perceptive guess, but i did not have breakfast with steven today. the guy i met with today is an entrepreneur in north carolina who i met when i preached in his church a few months back. we just clicked from the beginning and now it is very obvious why.

God brought that story in 1 samuel to life for me on a mission trip in romania in 2004. He takes me back to it every 6 months or so and every time, there is something new to learn. gotta love God's Word!

glad to hear God is surrounding you with some "armor bearers." life and leadership have too much at stake for us to try to go it alone!

J.D. Richards

I have this on a post-it note at my desk right now -

"It is not a sign of strength to carry the weight alone. It is a sign of stupidity!" I have no idea where I read that, but WOW I am stupid sometimes.

I know in ministry it is easy shoulder the weight alone at times. I pray that God continues to bring strong leaders around you to encourage, push, and help carry out the vision God has given you! One day I want to hear about this vision in more detail. Maybe I need to make the drive to Sandhills sometime soon.


j.d. -

thanks for the prayers!

c'mon over...there's room at my table and plenty of coffee to go around! :-)

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