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December 11, 2007


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Reg Bertrand


Steve Harrison

Hey Jay let's trade weather...cold, wet, had freezing rain here in Tulsa, ice brought down trees and power lines, yuk!...not good...electricity is out for most we have power thankfully...kids out of school for the 3rd day in a row due to lack of power...still right around freezing but one thing is for sure God is good all the time! and all the time God is good!.. Blessings to you and your family!


reg - wouldn't mind some of the white stuff down here...closer to christmas though, of course! :-)

steve - hatin' it for you, man. ice is the WORST! love your perspective though!

Burke Wilson

Cold and raining in the desert...yes...I just said cold and raining in the same sentence as the word "desert"

Carey Nieuwhof

Go away, my friend....

with love from canada.



you'll be happy to know that it was in the low 20's with a howling wind last night! i know that's probably "pass the sunscreen" weather for you, but it's nothin' but COLD for us down here in the dirty south!

it's cold again...christmas time is here again!

Carey Nieuwhof

nice...i can never figure out what good cold is without snow though. snow redeems cold.

we got two feet of snow yesterday. same system that hit the cleveland browns yesterday.:)

looks like we're in for the biggest winter we've had in years. last year, we went mountain biking on christmas day...seriously.

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