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December 17, 2007


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Been wrestling with some of that same thing. It brings back all those junior high feelings, doesn't it? Wanting to be the most popular? Sad sacks that we are...

I think a blog, like an organization, needs a mission statement and a target audience. You may attract a lot of people that read for a lot of different reasons, but you have to stay FOCUSED.

Stay focused, and if what you write is good (and it is, I subscribe), the others will tag along just for the ride.

Stay well, friend.



Just point and lead people to Jesus man!

Merry Christmas!

Travis Thompson


I'm an anonymous guy who follows your blog . . . I appreciate the journey you're on, and the personal insights (it reassures me that some of the people I follow aren't truly "church-planting" machines) . . . I just checked my google reader stats and I've starred or shared posts from you 11 times since Oct. 22 . . . I know you just said you're trying to avoid the stats, but I'm sharing that number as an encouragment to you from a church planter in FL you have no idea exists . . . There are more people out there than the numbers suggest, and the change/inspiration/wisdom/humor you bring to them is immeasurable . . . keep doing what you're doing . . .

Diane Hardwick

PLEASE! Don't change anything - how else could I keep up with you?! Mom

jay hardwick

thanks to all who emailed and to you brave souls who commented. :-) great advice, encouragement, and perspective.

rich - focus is so hard for us ADD types, huh?!

clay - can't wrong with that! :-)

travis - i'm blown away and humbled by your comment. thanks for sharing and more importantly, thank you for being courageous in what God has called you to!

hey...even my mom got in the comment game! way to go techno-mama! your boy loves you always...and don't act like i don't call you. :-)

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