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November 20, 2007


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Chris Reeder

Gotta watch Heroes!!! Best show on TV!

We have mad the commitment to get financially stable too!

Mike Thompson

Thanks for admitting to watching Grey's Anatomy. I get criticized for watching an evening soap opera.


Yea dude thats an awesome book. I'm a big Dave Ramsey fan. I love it when he says..."better than I deserve"....no reason why i love that, i just think its funny he says that everytime someone asks him how he is. ok, cool.

jay hardwick

chris - can't get into heroes...never really tried, but i predicted it would fail when i saw the first preview and obviously, i'm an idiot. so, i guess i'm boycotting! :-)

mike - don't let anyone tear you down for watching solid TV. but, i will say, this season is dangerously close to night time soap opera status.

bg - if you and i lived dave ramsey's life then and now, we'd probably say "better than i deserve" too! :-)


TELL ME MOOOOORE. oh mylanta, this is what i need. i've made changes that i THINK are good ones, but i just need this fool proof plan from someone who's done it before. i know i don't have a family to support or anything, but i'd like to be a financially independent adult eventually. let me know how it goes.


I agree, Heroes is an awesome show. We also watch Smallville. OH, and House (another good one). Matt and I have done some of the Dave Ramsey baby steps too. We've been debt free as of last Christmas we too never use credit cards. We are now saving for a HUGE down payment for a house, we are half way there and our goal is for next spring or fall. Good luck with the "makeover".

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