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November 02, 2007


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ryan Fitzgerald

dude thats amazing!

Chris Whisonant

That's promising!

At the same time, do things like poker tournaments and other "eye candy" events really expose people to the truth of the Gospel?



Thats so true. We are the body of Christ no matter where we are. We will all give an account of how we used our God given Talents one day, not just preachers or "professional" Christians.

Reg Bertrand

Good questions to ask, and you are in the same thinking as myself right now. More questions then answers, but right now that is a good thing...as we are walking a parallel paths in getting something started in our new locations.

Brooke Turner

Jay this is awesome. I'm not sure if you're familiar with Matt Chandler from the Village Church in TX- but he's got an awesome series about just this. It really spoke to my heart. Check out the "Salt and Light" series on their podcast, from back in July (Part 3 especially!).

jay hardwick

chris - valid question, but there's not a black/white answer. short answer is, "no." but, do they have to? in a more attractional model, means such as those you mentioned are just that...means. nothing more, nothing less. the idea is that people will pass through those means and be inspired to "come and see" the environment where the gospel is presented. it has to be understood within the context it is used. just my $.02.

jamie - so true! we've all got a part to play and the tools we need to play it well. and, we're held accountable for what we do with what He has given us.

reg - excited to be on this parallel journey with you! you're a needed voice in your part of the world and i am praying for God to use you and this new adventure to awaken the Body all over your city!

brooke - yes, i have heard of matt chandler and in fact, got to meet him this year at catalyst conference. i'll check out those sermons - he's a GREAT communicator. lb & i are looking forward to seeing you and jason this week!

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