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October 25, 2007


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I know God will be with you and your girls as you begin this trip.

We all love yall

Reg Bertrand

We are almost on the same timeline! Ours closes officially tomorrow, but we signed all the papers today at the lawyers. You are right, it is a pain, especially when you own two houses at the same time.

Our chapter is beginning in Rockland, ON. As the last tie to the old neighborhood ends by 5pm tomorrow.

Greg Harris

Wow, you have made a huge impact on Greenville! I can't wait to see what awesome things God does through the Hardwick family in Columbia!

jay hardwick

mickey - thanks for your unconditional support and prayers. you and rita mean the world to us.

reg - blessings on your move and new endeavor. exciting stuff, huh?! i bet columbia is hotter than rockland, on! :-) if you've never been to columbia, many affectionately refer to it as the armpit of the south. yeah!

greg - kind words, bro, especially coming from the guy that logs as many hours as you do giving so much of your heart to advance the gospel in Greenville. i appreciate you. thanks for the friendship and encouragement.

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