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October 30, 2007


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shawn lovejoy

This is true, Jay. I'm hanging out with Gabe on Thursday. He will tell you that he doesn't have the corner on reaching lost people, either. If this was easy, everyone would be doing it! We really do have to seek God, love him, get out of our religious bubbles, and love people outside the church--if we are going to change their perceptions of us!

Greg Dodson

Great post. Last summer, I remember strolling through the Christian Living section in Border's and staring at the wall of Da Vinci Code books and detailed volumes of how to counter-argue everything in the movie. What are we so afraid of? What would it look like if those were how-to books on how to take better care of our neighbors? We need to be known for our love, not our boycotts.

Greg Fagg

Jay I love this, this is an awesome site. I agree with you and have listened to the “apologetic” conversations but feel that the objections people throw out are more of a distress signal. The unsaved (and saved) want to see Christianity lived out, that's why they have the questions. If 1+1=2 then why don’t Christians equal up to what the Bible says. There’s where the confusion comes in.

Dino Senesi

Good words Jay. I am in process with unChristian. I like your idea. We have spent too many years trying to inform people we are not "those kind" of Christians. They are not buying it. We truly need to love our way out of this hole.

Carey Nieuwhof

Jay...Great stuff man. Keep it coming. I wonder if Christians (me included) have missed the boat entirely because we decide that maturity consists of breadth of knowledge (I just did a 75 week bible study on Revelation and know a lot). But the truth is, we come home from Bible study and yell at people and kick the cat. No wonder outsiders avoid us.

I wonder if maturity is not breadth of knowledge, but depth of application: taking simply teachings like love, grace, and humility, and applying them at every level of our lives.

Keep up the good stuff my friend.

jay hardwick

love the thoughts everyone has shared and i totally agree.

now, my big question is "how can the local church help love our way out of the hole?" i wonder sometimes if we don't hurt our own cause by the way we program our churches, define our wins, and make growth a linear, one-size fits all process.

don't know that i have any answers, but i'm enjoying asking the questions and having the conversations! thanks for your insight.


Yep, we've mastered the art of "you come to us and we'll make you a 'good Christian'" versus going to the world with something so irresistible people have to find out more. Good thoughts Jay.

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