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September 17, 2007


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Steve Corts is one of my favorite pastors, too...sure do miss them! Please say hey! for me to Steve and Cheryl the next time you see them.


great, great post man. it hit me a few weeks ago when we were at ngu, and mark was talking on "noise," and how we replace God with so many things. naturally, as a worship leader, i realized that far too often i am putting the actual "act" of leading worship above the one i am worshipping far too often, and i hate that. i hate it that i get such a feeling from a certain song or atmosphere...and not always solely from God. sometimes even the sight of people crying out and worshipping moves me more than the words i am singing. i'm of course not saying this is all bad, but, well, you know what i mean. its just cool you wrote this, because lately this has been my conviction. i want to worship the giver, not the gift; the creator, not the creation. sorry this is so long and "worship" opinionated, its just where it hit me. i'd love to hear what others have to say...great blog...


Another great post, Jay... right on time for me! ;-)


You can always tell where the priorities in your life are by looking at your checkbook. It will never lie.

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