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September 06, 2007


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peyton basically carried my team last year. i do notice however that you're team is playing mine this week. dude, its over. 'jesse and the rippers' are about to stun the world of fantasy football. game time! =)

jay hardwick

yeah, he better carry mine this year. still can't believe i passed on a rb, but it seems that manning has the same scoring ability as the top rb's.

i guess you'll find out how tough my team is this weekend! should be fun!


looks like you got a good confirmation last night...and it looks like my kicker might get more points than my QB..weird.

Eddie Johnson

Okay, are you happy now? 288 yards, 3 touchdown and zero intereceptions. Not too shabby! ;>)

jay hardwick

yeah, i'm happy. would've been nice for him to get 12 more yards to get the 10 point bonus for throwing for 300 yards. but, week 1...i'll take it.

bg - don't worry about the saints and brees - they'll be fine. the colts looked like the bears last night on d. not sure where that came from.

ej - did you see the louisville/middle tennessee game? it was 21-14 4 minutes into the game - no lie!

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