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September 06, 2007


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Shane and Shane - "Pages" (definitely get the song "Embracing Accusation")

Leeland - "Sound of Melodies" (get the whole album if you don't have it.)

Manchester Orchestra - "I'm like a virgin losing a child" (a little more rock/edgy/indie than you may be into? There's some sick content on that album though, you should preview it.)

David Crowder Band's new album: "Remedy" (honestly, I'd just buy "Oh the glory of it all" and move on. . . The rest of the album is a let down from Collision: A )


Robbie Seay's new album - Give Yourself Away.

stephen cope

hey man,
ok, shane and shane's new cd is a must-have. its great, and doesn't have another version of yearn on it. as stated earlier, lifehouse's new cd is amazing as well, by far their best ever. i'm doing the last track this week at snc for the 2nd week in a row, "storm." also, don't know if you have jon mclaughlin's cd "indiana," but its absolutely amazing. you could also wait for a couple of weeks and get the new crowder on the 25th, which is amazing as well. he did a small concert at thirsty in may and did the whole thing, its gonna be incredible...hope this helps a little...


shane and shane love jesus and put out worshipful stuff, but those voices make me want to kill myself.

for some good chill music check out colbie callait - every song on her newest cd is great. great to work to.

i am also enjoying Ingram Hill - some nice tunes.

Wesley Harden

Until June - great new band. solid CD



Gotta try out Jon Shirley
His Heaven Hear Us album is incredibly worshipful with good groove.

Jake Miller

alright dude, here's the skinny...

i gotta agree with michael, shane and shane... boo. put me out of my misery, please.

wesley is dead on about until june. i had a little post on my blog on them about a month ago - solid indeed, check them out.

somebody mentioned jon mclaughlin, gotta agree. you also need to check out james morrison. he's the real deal. rooney's new cd "calling the world" is awesome, and of course, dave matthews hit another home run with tim reynolds on the "live at radio city" cd.

that's all i got for now.

jay hardwick

great suggestions...keep 'em coming!

jaker - i've been waiting on you to chime in. i'm with you and wesley on until june.

any love for sara bareilles? i downloaded her free single on itunes a while ago and really like it.

anybody heard anything about the new matchbox 20 album?

Jake Miller

jay, matchbox twenty's new cd is dropping on october 2nd. sort of a mix of greatest hits and new songs... looking forward to it.

and i failed to mention earlier that i'm pleased to hear your "ear for country is closing up." good for you. =)

George Bednar

Jay! No matter what you do, you must purchase something from Patty Griffin. Any of her albums are amazing. I would at least give 1000 Kisses by Patty Griffin a listen.

If you want rock, don't count out NeedToBreathe's newest release. It's really good. The song Signature of Divine will blow your face off...so be careful.

If you want something new and different, check out Pinback. They are possibly my favorite band. Their newest is pretty sweet. They are different though.

Also, Destination: Beautiful or Singularity from the band Mae. EVERYONE must own Deas Vail's All The Houses Look The Same. Deas Vail is by far one of the top three Christian rock bands. Matt Nathanson's Some Mad Hope is pretty nice. Paolo Nutini is good. Matt Costa is also good. Caedmon's Call has Derek Webb back AND a new release. I don't like many female singers, but Regina Spektor is great! and lastly, Lost Ocean, Brett Dennen, Amos Lee, Rocky Votolato, or Joshua James...they are all good. I shall stop there.

Those may not be new to you. I'm sort of behind the times at the moment. Hope that helps some. :)

stephen cope

ok ok, now that i've been hated on for shane and shane, i will admit: some of the songs i can't take, but, there are some that are unbelievable as far as content. "embracing accusation," and "vision of you." moving on, don't know if you've got it, but mayer put out the village sessions, which is only like 5 songs, and its incredible, acoustic versions of the best songs on continuum (which of course has to be the greatest cd i've ever heard, bar none). also, i just got david gray's itunes originals, and its amazing. its got all acoustic versions of his songs, and explanations of them in between. ok...after what jake said, i will admit that i had to eject shane yesterday after a week of solid play...it is best in doses.


phil wickham has a new cd coming out, however, his first cd is amazing. get it. now. do it.

George Bednar

Don't listen to the nay sayers concerning Shane and Shane's new cd. Check it out. Whole lot of worship going on there. The song Burn Us Up is awesome!

GO CATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Get some new shoes with Paolo Nutini


crowder. remedy. absolutely amazing. go get it. it will get you going for some running. or just to chill. either way. go get it. yes. go get it.

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