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September 06, 2007


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I'm just glad I hadn't bought a $600 iPhone that is now worth $399. Ouch.

ryan Fitzgerald

ditto... nah it was worth it.

jay hardwick

holy cow...totally missed that the price on the iPhone came down, too.

they seem to introduce new stuff at just the right times...just when the luster is wearing off of the latest new thing (i.e the iPhone), they crank up a new wave of Big Mo.

Greg Harris

Actually sometimes they replace a product before the luster wears off. When they introduced the Nano, it replaced the Mini which at the time was the best selling iPod. It was more important to Apple to have a clear product lineup than to play it safe and keep the Mini alongside the Nano.

I can't wait for the iPod Touch hacks to come out...

jay hardwick

excellent point, greg. keep innovating before the wave crests on the previous innovation and you'll never know life without momentum.


well you've got until the 28 when they ship out the new touch before you're officially not on the newest hippest stuff.

It'll be sweet, especially w/ the starbucks thing.

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