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September 14, 2007


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Chris Reeder

I agree with that #4!!! Amazon or some other online site... even barnesandnoble.com has to be cheaper than purchasing in the store. A friend and I just visited the newly opened B&N here is Florence, SC at lunch; we had this same conversation.

BTW: I don't like being alone for too long... I would much rather enjoy my company of my family.


On #4 - Maybe it means I am addicted but if I find myself with nothing to read, I will absolutely run out to Barnes and Noble. I did last night. Usually I buy my books at a used book store. Maybe I need to just get a library card. :)

jay hardwick

shaula -
maybe we should just think of b&n as a library that lets you drink coffee, eat lunch, talk out loud, and doesn't require a card. :-)

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