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August 20, 2007


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Hi Jay -

It was great seeing you at Atlanta Bread the other day. Jon and I will be praying for you guys as you transition back to Columbia. I'm confident that God will do amazing things through this!

Liz (Arnold) Fisher :)


went to see a friend a few weeks ago who gave me simple church & the present future to read - not to mention...irresistible revolution has made it through our house the last month. shocker.

in other news dave matthews' latest version of bartender is great.

jay hardwick

liz -

thanks for the prayers! let all your friends in columbia know that God is about to do something big! hope you guys found the perfect place in g-vegas!

leedle -

quite amazing how similar our paths are, my friend! wonder if God has anything to do with that?! :-) love you, bro!

Jake Wade


This is Jake Wade from NGC (Golfer, friend of Marcus). I am an officer in the U.S. Army and live in El Paso, Texas. I beg that as you start your ministry in Columbia that you would pray about the possibilities of ministering to those at FT. Jackson. Satan is attacking our military families and they need to hear the message of the Cross. I pray that God will turn Columbia upside down.

jay hardwick

jake -

good word, bro. thanks for the encouragement...please pray for God to give us wisdom in doing exactly what you are talking about. it's a big time need and you're right...they need Jesus, not any more pep talks.

great to hear from you!

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